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Special Thanks to Boy Scout Troop 1 for their assistance


Fairbanks, Alaska

We are recently had the 2023 Expo.


If you are interested in being part of a future expo committee, a special guest, or participating in some other aspect, please contact us.

Nature Photographer


Keep your eyes and ears open for all cryptids in Alaska.  We will start taking submissions soon for the public photo, video, and sound gallery.

See PARTICIPATE for additional details.

Check Out Our Interactive Map and Submit Your Sightings Anonymously!

Generously Provided by

The Bigfoot Mapping Project

Check Out this Handy Tutorial to see What all you Can Do with Our Interactive Map!!

#BorealBigfootExpo Gallery Feed

Simply use the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to get your posts/pics added here!  Refreshes twice a day.

Image by Andrew Coelho

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