Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm an adult and purchase an Excursion Ticket, can my child go with me?

- No. This year the excursion is only for 18+ year old adults. Our Excursion will be taking place in the late evening hours in an outdoor location. For safety,  No children or pets will be Allowed to Attend. If we get enough interest we may include a Youth Excursion in Future Events!

How old do I have to be to Attend the Meet & Greet Social?

- 21+. The Meet & Greet Social taking place the evening before the Event is being hosted at a local Microbrewery, therefore all Attendees to the Social Must be 21+. 

Where do we get our tickets?

-If you pay for a ticket online, bring your confirmation (show us your phone or print it out) to the Boreal Bigfoot Expo.  From there, you'll get a commemorative expo wristband that will double as your all-day ticket!

If I am a Vendor, do I still need to Purchase a Ticket?

-No. Purchasing a Vendor Table Space includes Admission for 2 people per Vendor table. 

If I am a Key Speaker do I still need to Purchase a Ticket?

-No. Key Speakers include admission for themselves +1 Extra Guest. 

Will I be able to share my sighting at the Expo?

-Absolutely!  The Boreal Town Hall is an open sharing of sightings, so don't miss it.