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For those of you who are interested in participating in 2023, the following is simply information to consider.  You can send us emails -


There will be some available vendor spaces at the Boreal Bigfoot Expo.  We are hoping to keep our vendor selection tailored to the event and the people who will be attending.  What this means is that we’re looking for (examples) bigfoot/cryptid related vendors, outdoor gear (hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, etc), wilderness tours, wildlife groups, outdoor/animal photography, cryptid/paranormal/outdoor adventure booksellers, artists, and other vendors that can really fit into this sort of expo.  Are you selling or promoting something that would appeal to people attending a bigfoot expo?

Displays & Demos

The 2021 Boreal Bigfoot Display only had expo committee made displays.  We were hoping that the public felt inspired by the work done and would like to participate in some manner - creating their own display.  At the 2021 Tanana Valley State Fair, there was a wonderful paper mache GIANT salmon.  If someone felt so inclined to do something similar - a lifesize model of an Alaskan cryptid...WOW.  That would be totally awesome!  That's just an example idea.  Perhaps you're an anthropology student at UAF and would like to put together a display on hominids or a study of fossil findings of Gigantopithecus blacki.  Perhaps you are study Alaska Native art or mythology and are interested in putting together a display to bring in a native perspective.  Think outside the box.  We love ideas that have an interactive aspect to it.

We are interested in having demonstrations for the public at the expo.  This could be a demonstration on wildlife photography or a demo for different models of trail cams or how to cast a track or something else that is relevant to the expo.


We always need sponsors for the Boreal Bigfoot Expo.  Sponsorship donations allow us to rent the space, print signage, etc.  Sponsors for the event get their logos printed on flyers and printed public event documents, they get mentioned during radio and tv advertising (and print adverts if we do them), and we publicly thank our sponsors at the expo.  If you have a business that would like to sponsor, please contact us.

Public Media Call

We are interested in putting your Alaskan cryptid photos, video, and other media on display at the Expo.  Last year we had about 20 photos.  This year, we're opening it up to video, audio, and whatever else.


If you want to submit something, please include: Your Name, Location of media, and a Blurb.  We simply want to know who to give credit to, where you got your photo/video/other, and give us some details.  Were you out camping?  Were you changing a tire on the side of the road?  How did you come across this stuff?

Piggy-Back Events

Last year we mentioned the possibility of having piggy-back events.  You rub our backs, we rub yours.  Want to run a sasquatch coffee special?  We will direct traffic your way for that if you post up an event flyer at your location!  Want to plan a Bigfoot 5K Trail Run?  We will encourage people to sign up, if you encourage people to show up to the expo.  We are open to ideas.

Want some ideas for piggy-back events?

  • Coffee special

  • 5k Trail Run

  • Comedy night

  • Pub crawl

  • Paint night

  • Live podcast (we could help with guests)

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