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Micro-Adventure: Find Lil' Bigfoot

Be on the lookout for Lil' Bigfoot!

It's Bigfoot on a tiny scale. You might find one of these little guys around Fairbanks. If so you can keep him or hide him for the next person to find!

Hidden squatches will have an instructional card with them. If you choose to help hide the Lil' Bigfoot for the next person, please keep the card attached so the random person isn't clueless.

We just ask that you take a picture for social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) and use the hashtag #BorealBigfootExpo

Your awesome photo will show up on the new social media stream at the bottom of the Boreal Bigfoot Expo website.

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1 Comment

Sasquatch Tracker
Sasquatch Tracker
Mar 30, 2023

Who will be the first to find a Lil' Bigfoot?????

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