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AdWords: In your campaigns settings, select a campaign. In the settings, select the "Devices" sub-tab. Under "Devices," you'll see computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Select "Mobile" to adjust the mobile bid . Power User Tip: How to Adjust Bids for Multiple Campaigns Select "All Campaigns", "Settings", then "Devices". Click on “Multiple Campaigns” and navigate to “Adjust Bids”. There, use filters and company employee list segments to locate particular campaigns. In Bing Ads: Go to "Campaigns". Click on "Settings". Targeting options Select "Device" to adjust tablet bids. Note: Unlike AdWords, Bind Ads also lets you adjust bids for smartphones. Attribution reporting and cross-device conversion tracking with SEM You've created mobile-specific ads and learned how to deliver them to mobile devices. Now is the time to see the journey behind the conversion.



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