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I am a life-long cryptid enthusiast, born and raised in the state of Alaska. I grew up learning about Sasquatch, Mothman, Loch Ness Monster, Jersey Devil and many of the major Cryptids in folklore. I drank it in like a sponge and always wanted to know more. When I was in Grade School, one of my teachers was originally from an indigenous tribe that lived off the shores of Lake


Illiamna, and he told me stories of the Illiamna Lake Monster, and how his father and uncle attempted to catch it using rancid bear meat on an old boat anchor like a fish hook, and a a 50 gallon drum. Their attempt failed presumably, but that got me started on focusing on cryptid sightings and encounters here in our own state. My first experience with possible bigfoot behavior when I was 13, and have since had 2 other possible encounters.

Beyond my love of cryptids, I am a Digital and Traditional Artist, Graphic Designer, Amateur Writer, an avid wildlife enthusiast and an outdoors woman. I wish to pursue a deeper knowledge and understanding of elusive creatures in our home state and on the North American Continent.

Heidi W

Heidi W

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