Special Guests

larry baxter.jpg
Larry "Beans" Baxter

Homer, AK



Join Beans as he gives a presentation on his search for Bigfoot in Alaska. His presentation will include first hand accounts of two expeditions into Alaska’s most mysterious ghost town, Port Chatham. As well as updates on his latest field work.

Michael Thompson.png
Michael Thompson

Tok, AK



He is the Sasquatch Tracker. He is a seasoned cryptozoologist with over 30 years of research in Idaho and Alaska. Michael was heavily influenced by the Sasquatch and Bigfoot themed Hollywood movies during the 1970s. This helped shape his growth and passion, from the early days of fumbling in the field to the veteran investigator he has become.


His experience includes countless hours of studying reports and encounters, field research, and work as a tracker. Through his experience, education and training, Michael has developed a meticulous approach to conducting research and a keen sense in sniffing out hoaxes.


Michael founded SasquatchTracker.com in 2005 and maintains the most comprehensive and up to date database for the state of Alaska. He is considered the Alaska authority on Sasquatch. Michael holds a MA degree with honors, in Archaeology and Heritage, and a MS degree in Law Enforcement. He has lived with his family in rural Alaska for over 20 years.

L Shane Land pic.jpg
L. Shane Land, Ph.D

Point Mackenzie, AK

FBI File 95-213013, Bigfoot and the FBI

This presentation is devoted extensively to the hair sample sent to the FBI by Peter Byrne in 1976.  I conducted an extensive analysis of the documents released in 1996 and the documents released to the public in 2019 with some remarkable findings and omissions/revealed redactions.  Utilizing my intelligence background for this analysis, I was able to “see” things that many who work outside the intelligence community are not aware of.  I further delve into the backgrounds of the men at the FBI who were a part of the investigation which also revealed some tremendously stunning information.

Author of "BIGFOOT ////UNCLASSIFIED////: An Unconventional Assessment" (link here).