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There will be some available vendor spaces at the Boreal Bigfoot Expo.  We are hoping to keep our vendor selection tailored to the event and the people who will be attending.  What this means is that we’re looking for (examples) bigfoot/cryptid related vendors, outdoor gear (hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, etc), wilderness tours, wildlife groups, outdoor/animal photography, cryptid/paranormal/outdoor adventure booksellers, artists, and other vendors that can really fit into this sort of expo.  Are you selling or promoting something that would appeal to people attending a bigfoot expo?


What Vendors Need To Know:

  • Set up and tear down will happen TBD.  If you sign up to be a vendor, then we’ll send you a complete schedule.

  • Vendor space will be a 10' x 10' area (with a 6' table and 2 chairs).

  • Vendors will have to supply their own table dressings.

Vendor Spots Are FULL

If you missed the vendor opportunity, catch us during the next Boreal Bigfoot Expo

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