Vendor Space is limited to 22 Spots.


Please Apply Below If you'd like to be a Vendor.

Vendor Fee is $35 for the day.  

This includes a 10' x 10' area (with a 6' table and 2 chairs provided).  Vendors will have to supply their own table dressings.  

We will try to keep Vendors tailored to themes that fit with outdoors, adventure, and cryptid enthusiast lifestyle.

Let us know:

  • Your Contact Info

  • Your Business Name & What You Sell

  • Do your wares fit into what our audience is going to want?

  • 2-3 photos of your wares

We are being highly selective.

What this means is that we’re looking for (examples):

  • Bigfoot/cryptid related vendors

  • Outdoor gear (hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, etc)

  • Wilderness tours

  • Wildlife groups

  • Outdoor/animal photography

  • Cryptid/paranormal/outdoor adventure booksellers

  • Artists

  • Other vendors that can really fit into this sort of expo


We are open to other things outside of the examples provided, so really razzle dazzle us.


to Apply

August 1st

Apply to Participate

Make sure you include what is required for your field.  If you are missing information, your submission will be rejected.

If you have everything written up in Google Drive and want to send us a link to that file, enter the URL here.  *.docx or *.pdf files are totally fine.

The expo committee will pass on a Yay or Nay for your proposal, so wow us!!!