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Contact us.

Inquire about this event.  We may be able to help point you in the direction of people or groups to talk to.  Get your film showcased at the 2023 Boreal Bigfoot Expo!

Filmmakers, the Boreal Bigfoot Expo is hoping to show some films with the topic of "Alaskan Cryptids".  Alaskan cryptids include bigfoot, thunderbird, lake monsters, and more.  If you search this site, you'll find some general information.

What we are hoping for:

  • Documentaries primarily, but we are open to other genres

  • Must be focused on some sort of "Alaskan Cryptid".

  • 45-60 minutes - in general.  If longer, let us know.

  • Must be submitted by March 31, 2023 for expo committee approval.  We'll have submission information posted by January 2023.

The idea is to present your film and possibly have a Q&A with some of the filmmakers afterwards.

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