Cryptid Photo Call

The Boreal Bigfoot Expo is looking for cryptid-related photos from the public to put on display at the expo.  This means you can help us create a really awesome display piece!




  • Your photo MUST be real, taken in Alaska by you, and cryptid-related for participation.  We're not looking for people in costumes or any fakery.  You can send as many as you want.

  • Tell us your name.  If you want to remain anonymous, you can always just put down your initials or something.

  • Location of the photo.  Where was it taken?  Doesn't have to be super specific, but we appreciate something like "Outside of Anchorage" or "Off the Kobuk River" or "Miller Road, Fairbanks, AK".

  • Photo Blurb: Give us some details!  How did you find this thing?  What makes it cryptid-related?  Is there a story behind the photo?

  • Send your photo(s) to: BorealBigfootExpo@gmail.com  and please use the subject "Photo Display Entry".

What are cryptid-related photos?

"Cryptid" refers to cryptozoology (the search and/or study of animals thought to be currently extinct or mythological).  The most well known is bigfoot.


Cryptid-related photos are photographs of strange creatures, tracks, nests/structures, territorial markings, etc.

Popular Alaskan Cryptids: sasquatch, the Lake Iliamna monster, gigantic sea snakes, thunderbird, living mammoths, giant wolves, giant fish, Tcetin tribe (eastern interior AK), cougar-sized big cats, Steller’s sea ape, and the cadborosaurus.

We have started to receive photos from the public.  Send yours in to be included!

Deadline August 14th