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Public Media Call

We are interested in putting your Alaskan cryptid photos, video, and other media on display at the Expo.  Last year we had about 20 photos.  This year, we're opening it up to video, audio, and whatever else.


If you want to submit something, please include: Your Name, Location of media, and a Blurb.  We simply want to know who to give credit to, where you got your photo/video/other, and give us some details.  Were you out camping?  Were you changing a tire on the side of the road?  How did you come across this stuff?

Again, we are only looking for ALASKAN cryptid photos, video, and other media.

Submit Your Cryptid Photos
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Thanks for sending in your Alaskan Cryptid photos with story. These will be on display at the 2023 Expo!

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