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Interact @ The Expo

In 2021, at the first Boreal Bigfoot Expo, people really seemed to like our displays, enjoyed the speakers, and liked the vendors - BUT wanted a little more interaction. We heard you.

What can you do at the 2023 Boreal Bigfoot Expo?

Public Gallery - Submit HERE

We have been asking for your photos, drawings, video, and audio from your encounters in Alaska. Use our form for easy submissions. We just need your name, location of sighting, and a blurb to tell us what was going on. Attach your files. Hit send. Super easy! Submissions will be on display at the expo. Please get them to us by June 5th.

Track Casting Workshops with Michael Thompson - Get Ticket HERE

Sign up early for the track casting workshop. This is a $20 ticket add-on. There is a Saturday workshop and a Sunday workshop, each 1 hour long. Learn how to properly cast a track, tips on what makes a good vs bad cast, ask questions, and take home a bigfoot cast provided by Michael Thompson.

Michael Thompson (Sasquatch Tracker) is from Tok and has been a long-time bigfoot researcher.

VIP Dinner with Guest Speakers - Get Ticket HERE

Deadline for these tickets is June 3rd! Tickets are limited. Only those with special VIP dinner passes can attend. This is a great way to get some one-on-one time with the guest speakers. Dr. Meldrum will definitely be in attendance on Saturday. Small Town Monsters will definitely be in attendance on Sunday. Other guest speakers will be at both of these dinners. This is a unique opportunity for the biggest cryptid enthusiasts.

Townhall - Sunday at 2pm

This is the big opportunity to share your sightings. We have some fantastic guest speakers and you never know who will be listening. Can you impress our guest speakers? Perhaps you have a story that will pique the interest of Small Town Monsters. Share your encounters with bigfoot, thunderbird, werewolves, sea monsters, etc.

Interactive Displays

Be prepared for more interactive displays at the 2023 Expo. We have some exciting stuff coming your way. Let's just say that you'll hear and smell new things.

Expo Bingo

We will have Expo Bingo. Fill your card with initials from everyone listed and be entered for a giveaway bag. These will be available to each ticket holder upon entering the expo (1 per person per day). It's always fun to win a little something.

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