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The Next Expo

We aren't sure if there is going to be another expo. If it does happen it will be in 2025. The Boreal Bigfoot Expo team will make a decision by the later months of 2024. We have tossed around the idea of including more than just cryptids (maybe UFOs, maybe some other stuff). We had a hard time making ends meet with the 2023 expo and it's going to effect 2025.

Until that time, we will be busy out in the field around the state.

If you are interested in joining us on research expeditions, please send us an email or contact us through facebook. Here are some things that we will need to know:

  • About you - Who are you? Where are you located? Details about you.

  • Why are you interested? Why should you do research with us?

  • Educational and career information (just brief info)

  • Experience - Maybe you have been on other bigfoot excursions, maybe you do a lot of hunting and fishing, maybe you're an avid hiker, or maybe you're brand new. Let us know.

We are not looking for general enthusiasts for the research excursions. You should be comfortable hiking with 10-30lbs in your pack for 3-4 hours, minimum. You should be able to handle hiking and camping. You should be able to get your own basic gear. We are interested in a scientific approach to cryptid research.

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Angela Thies
Angela Thies
Dec 27, 2023

I'm sorry to hear that the EXPO will be no longer. I enjoyed attending the FAIRBANKS convention and meeting the researchers in person. I talked with Michael Thompson about my experience of finding a footprint that was embedded in stone in the middle of a river at CASTNER ICE CAVES in ALASKA.I was able to get a picture of it however and Mr Thompson said it was a GIANT NEANDERTHA footprint. (that was just before breakup in the spring so I had hiked along the the melting rock formation). I took his class on casting but when I got back to the area the river was gushing with heavy brown flooding water. Since it is a days drive both …

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