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Speaker: Larry "Beans" Baxter, Alasquatch

Where are you from? I was born in Kentucky. I was sent to Alaska after I joined the Army in 1999. I enjoyed the state so much, I decided to live here after I got out of the military.

What is your background (i.e. career, education, etc)? I’ve spent the last 20 years in the military/law enforcement. I recently retired from law enforcement. I was the Investigations Sergeant for the last few years of my career and investigated or supervised the investigation of felony level crimes.

What will you be talking about at the expo? I have a few different ideas for presentations this year. I may do a mix of topics including Port Chatham and a presentation on collecting evidence.

What initially got you interested in this topic? I have always been interested in the topic. It has been something I followed for years before deciding to get into field research. My first brush with the subject came from books I read when I was younger.

You have spent quite a bit of time researching and investigating Port Chatham. Are you still working on that area or have you moved on to other locations? I’m still actively looking for encounters from witnesses but I have not been to the area to do any field research in some time. I still have an interest in the history and lore surrounding the area.

Your podcast, Alasquatch, has been a project since August 2019. What exciting things do you have coming up on Alasquatch? I have some upcoming shows detailing my research from 2022 and I’m always looking for fun exciting topics to have on the show. I want to do some cryptid themed movie commentaries as well as some podcasts from the field. I’ve always wanted to stay in a haunted hotel or somewhere and record a ghost investigation for one of my Halloween shows.

As seen on social media, you like to get out for investigations. Are there any investigations that have really stood out? Why? The two expeditions to Port Chatham really stand out in my mind because they were the first research anyone had ever done in that area. There is also an area I went to in Washington that made quite an impression on me. Lots of activity there. I can’t wait to check out more places in Alaska!

In your opinion, what would an ideal set up be for a bigfoot excursion? First would be the location; find an area with a history of activity and sightings as well as recent activity. Then equip yourself with cameras, thermals, audio recorders as well as safety/protection. Then spend as much time in the area as possible and try to document/record as much as you can. Location/Equipment/Time. That’s all you really need!

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